Reinventing math education

What if kids played with math for fun? We've created a playground for mathematics that captivates the imagination and makes it easy to pick numbers up and play with them.

In the single player mode that we've developed so far, you can battle number monsters, solve logic puzzles, and factor down fortresses -- with a variety of gadgets, monsters, and puzzles, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Math Challenges

The current demo release, which includes eight levels, focuses on elementary- to middle-school curriculum:

  • arithmetic
  • fractions
  • factoring
  • exponents
  • multiples
  • negatives
  • prime numbers

Virtual Math Toybox

What sets our game apart from others is that numbers are an integral part of the game; we don't use pop quizzes and worksheet-type exercises to incorporate math. To win, students must be able to apply their knowledge of arithmetic, fractions, factoring, powers, multiples, negatives, and prime numbers.

Our second unique element, currently in development, is a level-builder platform and editor that will enable the community to build math games from basic counting to Calculus and beyond. Our goal is to create a platform where the player community can create custom game levels and user generated content.


Our game has been making waves in local schools where we've let students test the game. We've brought our game to private and charter schools and after-school programs all over the Bay Area (including St. Andrew's School, Synapse School, Monticello Academy, Hack the Future, San Jose Math Circle).

Students, parents, and educators have been raving about our game, see what they have to say!

      "This should be our homework! This should be what we do in math class!" ~ 7th graders in pilot workshops
      "In mathematics it's important to collect the threads that come together in a new concept. This game is not just an animated multiplication table. Math is inherent in the game; you get the numbers and you decide what to do with them." ~ Christine, CSL Associates President
      "For 3 days he could not stop asking when he would get to play again. I asked him what was so great about it, and he said he got to design his own game! He said it was better than League of Legends! High praise indeed! He is still asking about his next opportunity to play and wants to show it to his friends." ~ Mom of 6th grader in pilot workshop
      "I am anxiously awaiting the game to use with my daughters and at school with my 110 students." ~ Eric, 6th grade math teacher
      "Most math games try to disguise that your're learning math so you don't just instantly hate it. But this one intrigued me and I loved playing even though I knew I was learning math." ~ 8th grader from Hack the Future
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Imaginary Number



Charlie Van Norman

The Sudo-Mathematician, Charlie is the mastermind behind Mathbreakers. In addition to eating, sleeping and breathing math, he is a game developer & anything else you might expect a CEO of a startup to do which is pretty much everything. In his "free" time, Charlie plays guitar and goes mountain biking.

Vivian Tan

Ex-lawyer turned game designer. Vivian is our business intelligence and artist. With a background spanning law, fashion, virtual commerce, and gaming, she makes the game come alive with personality. When not buried in pixels or manicuring virtual trees, you can find her chasing ice cream trucks or hiking among real trees.

Morgan Quirk

The Programmer. After escaping to the California bay area, Morgan joined Imaginary Number to transform math education and live the startup life. He's responsible for everything behind-the-scenes. In addition to acting as development kung fu master, he likes climbing rocks and playing ping-pong.