Lesson Plans

Free - View Trial Lesson Second Grade

The trial lesson is provided for free, and includes two levels: The introduction to addition and the introduction to fractions. Students will learn the controls and get a taste for the kinds of challenges and gameplay experience that Mathbreakers offers. They will play with several different gadgets and try to solve dozens of varied math puzzles. Click here or the blue view button above to get started!

Get it! Preview Addition Sequence Second Grade

The Addition Sequence is designed to get students up to speed on the game and introduce them to the gadgets and rules of Mathbreakers. The puzzles revolve around adding positive and negative numbers up to 2 digits. It contains four levels filled with puzzles which will help students become addition experts. Many of the challenges can be solved in different mathematical ways -- get your students to compare solutions or work together to optimize their strategy!

Get it! Preview Operators Sequence Third Grade

This 3-level lesson plan challenges students to use all their fundamental arithmetic tools to solve math puzzles with positive and negative numbers. It starts with simple single-digit addition and proceeds through subtraction, multiplication, and division, and culminates with a final boss numbered 256. The operators lesson will challenge students' logic and planning skills as they encounter puzzles with multiple stages.

Get it! Preview Special Challenges Third Grade

The Special Challenges plan is a work-in-progress which currently contains the Schur puzzle. This is our version of a fascinating unsolved problem in mathematics, which only requires whole number addition: You are given a 3 bins and the set of whole numbers, and you have to progressively add each number to the bins. The catch is that you can't put a number in a bin where two of the previous numbers in that bin would add up to the new one. See here for more information on the problem.

Get it! Preview Fractions Sequence Fourth Grade

The Fractions Sequence contains four levels filled with fraction puzzles. Students will start by forming basic fractions with the Fraction Sword and using them to break down walls and defeat enemies. They will also produce fractions through division and multiplication hoops. The lesson includes making a bridge and a flight of stairs with fractions on a number line, and adding fractions to zero out the final boss.