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A world of toys and machines

Once you get your hands on them, you can begin tinkering to get different results. The high-speed feedback and total freedom to experiment helps reinforce the underlying concepts the toys are based on.
Loose Number Can be picked up and moved around. When any two numbers touch, they add together immediately.
Number Hoop Performs an operation on any number that passes through it going forwards, and the inverse operation going backwards.
Sign Flipper Changes positives to negatives, and vice versa.
No Pass Archway Prevents any number from passing.
Elevator Moves up or down depending on the size of the number. Insert numbers into the red funnel to operate.
Triangle Number This special number is always blue, and is used as fuel for batteries.
Battery with Bridge The drawbridge will lower when the battery fuel is filled to 100%.
Battery with Rocket The pre-loaded rocket will launch when the battery fuel is filled up to 100%.
Positive / Negative Shower If any number passes under the positive shower, it will be turned positive. Similarly, any number under a negative shower will be negative.

Build strong foundations

Mathematics is full of wonder, but you won't get far without the basics. Using novel gadgets, we teach addition, fractions, operators, and negatives for intuitive understanding.

Mathbreakers is Common Core aligned.

Multi-blaster Holds up to 10 numbers at once.
Zooka Holds up to 3 numbers at once. When used, the number will launch forwards and explode, adding to everything within the blast radius.
Subtractor Holds one number, and can be used to subtract from any other number. Hold down the mouse button to use.
Sword Chops numbers into exact halves.
Multiplier Holds one number, and when the number is launched, it will multiply with whatever number it touches.
Jetpack Lets player fly for a short time. Costs gems to use.
Spellbook Lets player spend gems to cast various spells, including conjuring a circle of numbers.

Learning through play

Mathbreakers fully immerses the player, for smooth and enjoyable gameplay. There are no worksheets or flash cards, but you will find castles, puzzles, and magic.
Number Wall A wall made of numbers. To break through a wall, add to the bricks until they equal zero.
Spikey Live numbers that have a mind of their own. And spikes. Watch out!
Guard These numbers won't move, but get too close and they'll shock you.
Bees Ahhh!
Number Boss This is the final boss. Beware, he is immune to regular attacks!

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